Volunteer Voice

Voice of Rajesh Jha

Someone asked me!
How could you manage your work load along with your happiness and stressed life ??
My answer was simple,
If you want moral support
If you want love
If you want friendship
If you need a break from your daily life .!!
Do Visit twinkle star .
Coz they have the sweetest painkillers
The Bacchaparty 😍 of twinkle star community center.
They are the best solution for every problem..
It’s my pleasure to be part of your family..

Ashmita Says

I had been associated with Twinkle Stars from 2020 and it has been a delightful experience for me throughout. The management is friendly, cooperative and helpful. The children there are friendly and open to new experiences.

Looking forward to more interactions with them in the near future !

Best wishes

Suman cuts his birthday cake

Twinkle Star Community Center is one of the best communities I had ever seen. They always guide the small children. They take good care of them.

Keep it up..

Tanushree Banerjee alaways with us

Twinkle Star is a staff-friendly organization with child-centric focus on its objectives of bringing smiles to of faces of underprivileged children through basic health, education and extracurricular activities. Educating a child is very important which is done by them. They run a skill development program, helpful for making children independent which is important in today’s world.
All the staff members of Twinkle Star’s are doing a wonderful job in an effort to take care of neglected kids.
I pray to God, this organization achieves more success.